Title: Blush
Author: Nick
Email: yecats_elocin@yahoo.com
Dedication: To my beta, Jamie, who I'm going to adopt. And to Kit, who gets the cookie. You earned it!
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Archive: Yes to West Wing Slash, all others please ask first.
Series: This comes after "Bullet With Butterfly Wings". If you haven't read that, this won't make any sense.
Pairing: Sam and Josh
Rating: NC-17
Notes: If there are any spoilers, I missed them, sorry. This is done in Josh' s point of view.


Blush by Nick

Donna looked at me strangely as I got to my office. "What?" I asked.

She put a hand to my forehead. "Are you feeling okay? Your face is flushed and you're breathing heavily."

I almost burst out laughing. Instead, I snapped my gum at her and smiled. "I feel like a million bucks."

She arched an eyebrow. "Did you go jogging this morning?"


"Joshua Lyman, there's only one other thing you could've been doing to get your face that flushed, and I don't even want to think about it."

I stopped dead in my tracks and was annoyed to feel my face flush red again. "Donnatella Moss, get your mind out of the trash can!"

She blinked at me, and then a small smile spread over her lips. "Why Josh, I was thinking that you got into an argument with Leo over the Butterfield-Randolph survey. What were you thinking?"

"Absolutely nothing!" I snapped, and tried to brush past her so she couldn't see my face heat up again. "Now, the survey..."

"...can wait," she said, bodily shoving me into my office. "Spill it."

I frowned. "Are you ever going to realize that you are not in charge?"

"Not while I'm working for you," she replied easily. Then she grinned. "So, tell me, I want to know. What were you doing, and with who?"

"Whom," I responded automatically.

She slapped me on the arm. "Don't evade the question!"

"Ouch! Donna, did you ever stop to think that maybe it was none of your business?"

"Oh, defensive, are we? Does that mean I know her?"

//Him,// my brain screamed. "Donna..."

"Does she work here?"


"Were you having hot, elicit sex with her somewhere in the White House, and just won't tell me about it?"

"DONNA!" I felt my face turn cherry red again.

She gasped. "Josh! You could get fired for things like that! After the whole incident with Dana Rigby in the First Lady's staff..."

I did not feel like listening to the sordid affairs of the First Lady's staff. "Donna, I was not screwing around on company time, as much as I hate to disappoint you. And try to remember that my personal life is exactly that: personal. And if you mention one word of any untruth to anyone, I will take your body to a place that no one will ever find it. Is that clear?"

Her response was an annoying, cheeky grin. "Sure, Josh. Whatever you say."

I sighed in defeat. "What does my day look like?"

"Leo wants to see you ASAP on the survey. At nine-thirty you have to meet with Bradbury and Winston about the Senate meeting. At eleven you have..."

"Donna, will I make it out of here by eight?"

"Probably," she said. "Why? Have a date?"

I held up one finger and she bit her lip. "Sorry! That really was a joke. Josh, I promise, I won't give you a hard time about this if you can answer me one question satisfactorily."


"Does she make you happy?"

I couldn't help but smile like a dork. "Oh yeah."

"Good. Now go see Leo. Interrogation over."

I nodded and headed toward Leo's office. What a way to start the day.


At seven forty-five I was anxiously standing outside Sam's apartment with a bottle of wine in one hand and a garment bag with three suits, an extra pair of khaki pants, and a couple of shirts. I also had a duffle with socks and other necessities. Clearing my throat, I knocked on the door.

When he answered, my heart nearly stopped. He wasn't wearing shoes and had on old sweatpants, a white tee shirt, and an apron that said KISS THE COOK. I grinned, carefully set my stuff on the ground, and stepped into him. "Don't mind if I do."

Sam grinned seconds before his mouth descended on mine. I heard him growl and I shivered; I loved that sound and what it did to me. Suddenly, his hands moved again, down my back and then under my ass, yanking me closer to him. I could feel his hardness rub my own and I let out a very uncharacteristic whimper. He growled again, bucking his hips into mine, trying to devour me right there in the hallway to his apartment building.

//The hallway,// my brain decided to inform me, and my common sense kicked in about a second later. Tearing my mouth away, I said, "Don't you think we'd better move this party inside?"

He let go of me so fast that I almost tripped over my own feet. Before I had a chance to blink, he'd picked up everything I had and pushed it into his foyer. Then, he tugged me inside, slammed the door shut, and pushed me against it. "Hush," he ordered, and kissed me again.

I melted into a puddle of goop. I grabbed his shoulders, pulling his body closer to mine, and shamelessly bucked my hips so I could get the friction I so needed. "Sam..."

"Josh," he responded, pulling his mouth away. Then, he leaned his forehead against mine and kissed my nose. "You came."

I glanced down at the front of my pants, flustered, and he started to laugh. "No, no. You came. You're here, physically in my house. And you brought your sleepover clothes."

I grinned and blushed for the millionth time today. "I thought... with kisses like that, I couldn't be sure. After all, I'm not a kid anymore."

"Could've fooled me."

I grinned and picked up the bottle of wine and handed it to him. "I hope this goes with dinner."

"It's perfect," he said, reading the label. "The perfect compliment to dinner. But not so perfect as the company."

I was about to tease him about being mushy again, but was cut off by what sounded like a kitchen timer. "Oops! Put your stuff in the hall closet, and then come to the kitchen. Dinner's ready."

I hung my clothes and tossed my bag onto available floor space, then walked into the kitchenette. "Wow! It smells really good in here."

"Bourbon and brown sugar glazed steaks, mashed potatoes, and French peas," he said. "Kathy gave me recipes. But I did all the work."

"I'm impressed," I replied, and I was. I never figured Sam for a domestic kind of guy, and I told him as much.

"I have many hidden talents," came the reply.

We ate in comfortable chairs in his kitchen, drinking our wine and talking about everything that did not include work. After dinner I helped him clean up until he threw me out of the kitchen because I was the 'guest'. So I wandered into his living room and sat on the couch, drinking my wine. After a few minutes, he joined me. "Ready for dessert?"

"God, Sam, are you kidding? I'd burst!"

He reached over and took my wine glass out of my hands, setting it on the coffee table. "I didn't have that kind of dessert in mind."

Oh. I couldn't help but smile and he leaned over to kiss me again. "I want you to do exactly what I say, Josh. Do you understand me?"

Sam was playing games; I could read it in the darkly aroused expression on his face. I nodded, but did not give a verbal reply. He smirked at me. "Good. I want you to stand up so I can undress you."

I stood. His hands went to the fly on my jeans and undid the button, then slowly tugged down the zipper. "Kick off your shoes," he ordered.

I toed out of them and went back to playing statue. He pushed my pants and boxer shorts down past my hips simultaneously. Then moved in front of me. "Left leg up."

Off the pants went from one leg, and he was nice enough to take off the sock, too. Then we moved on to the right leg, and I was naked from the waist down. When that was finished, he grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. "God, you're so beautiful."


"Shh. Please? Just let me?"

I nodded and went back to biting my tongue. He smiled and licked the hollow on my neck, moving down to my nipples. I whimpered again, and he smiled. "Let's go to my room, okay? I want you to lay down on my bed, and wait for me there."

I walked to his room, trying to ignore the fact that I was stark naked and he was fully dressed. A moment later he came into the room behind me. I lay on the bed and watched him. He didn't disappoint; he pulled off his tee-shirt and ran one hand over his chest, pinching his nipples slightly as he went. Then he hooked his fingers into the waistband of his pants and lowered them.

Sam wasn't wearing any underwear.

Not that it should've mattered, but I found that very appealing in a kinky kind of way. Sam's so sexy. He's even sexier when he's not wearing underwear.

He's pretty sexy when he's naked, too. He was being sexy and yummy and naked and all I could do was lay on his bed and watch. I bit my lip again.

He chuckled, taking close note of my discomfort, and sat on the bed next to me. "I want you to watch me."

I couldn't have taken my eyes off him if I'd tried. He lay back against his headboard and slowly circled his balls with one hand, kneading them and spreading them slightly. I moaned. His continued to tease himself, circling the head of his penis, the shaft, back to his balls, and up. I was dying. He brought his fingers, now lightly coated with pre-cum, to my lips, and I licked them clean. It was sort of like a man in the desert being given water. He smiled at me, and then moved his fingers to my own shaft, stroking me gently. I saw stars.

"You're so hard, Josh. And leaking. I wonder how much longer you can last, quietly..."

I whimpered again. He chuckled, and stopped touching me. His fingers continued to caress his own skin until he formed a fist and began to stroke himself harder. "I'm picturing your mouth, Josh, wrapped around me, like this morning, in my office. I can feel your tongue, tracing every vein, every sensitive spot, and I can hear you gasping for air as my dick slides down your throat..."

He came. Everywhere. Screaming my name, too. I was in agony, he'd made me so horny, and he was satiated, stretched out on the bed like a satisfied cat. "My God."

I groaned. He grinned. "Are you ready to come now?"

I nodded frantically. He leaned his body over me, and started to stroke a hand up and down my chest. I grasped the sheets and turned them into knots. "Sam, please..."

He clicked his tongue, but didn't punish me for speaking out. "I want you to come, Josh. Do you want to?"

"Yes!" I gasped.

He licked my ear. "I want you to get hot, Josh. Hot, horny, and bothered. Are you?"

God, he got dirty when he was in bed. I loved it. "Yes," I said, more softly.

Before I could prepare for it, his fingers pinched one of my nipples, and he tugged hard once. I arched, and he buried his face in my neck and bit down so hard I saw red.


I exploded without him ever touching my groin. When the room finally stopped spinning, I realized he'd gathered me up in his arms and was holding me close to him. "I like that I can make you come without touching you."

I was too exhausted to speak. He took that as a sign to kiss me senseless.

When we parted, he said, "I love you Josh."

"Love you too," I mumbled.

He snickered. "Go to sleep. We have plenty of time. And I have plenty of plans for you."

I'm not quite sure if he really said that last part or not, because I was already too far-gone to pay much attention. So, snuggling closer, I went to sleep.

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