Title: A Sense of Duty
Author: Nicole B.
Email: chapstick_medicated@yahoo.com
Pairing: Leo/Lionel Tribby
Rating: R (not yet, but later)
Archive: If you want it, just tell me. I'd be flattered.
Summary: Leo convincing Lionel to come work for Bartlet, and leave that seven figure job. Spoilers: "And It's Surely To Their Credit" (I guess)
Disclaimers: They are not mine. If only...*sigh* No, they are meant to belong to Aaron Sorkin, NBC, John Wells Productions, and basically everyone in this world who is not me. I'm not making any money off of it, so if you sue me, I have about 20 dollars cash right now.
Notes: This is my first slash fic ever, and I'm kind of fumbling blindly. Just so you know, don't expect any real genius here. :) All right, I'm done blabbing.

A Sense of Duty by Nicole B.

Lionel Tribby sighed, raising his head from his desk. "What time is it, anyway?" he mumbled, looking around his office.

"Oh, it's pretty late," a voice from the shadows responded. Lionel's head jerked up, and he glared at the figure.

"Who the hell is that?" he demanded. The man walked into his line of vision, and Lionel groaned. "Leo, I'm not going to give you any money, so you might as well drop it."

"Very funny," Leo McGarry said with a small grin. "I haven't seen you for a year, and I get that greeting." Lionel propped his head up on his chin.

"What do you want?" he asked, yawning. "I have work to do."

"Yeah, I can see that." Leo rolled his eyes, then turned serious. "Actually, Lionel, that's kind of

why I came to see you. You do have work. Important work."

"You better not be trying to draft me." Lionel said dryly, leafing through some of the papers on his desk. He sighed with more weariness than he intended to let on. "I don't have the time, or energy."

"You don't have the *energy*?" Leo demanded. "Lionel Tribby, champion of the poor, the weak, the downtrodden?" Lionel glanced down at his work with a cynical laugh.

"I don't seem to be out for the downtrodden anymore, Leo," he said in an affected tone. "I'm making seven figures. I'm more the bane of the downtrodden's existence."

"Do you like it?" The bluntness of the question startled Lionel.

"Well, yeah." The attorney paused. "Well..." His eyes flashed with sudden anger. "What kinds of games are you trying to play with me here? I *like* my job, I like my money. You want something, Leo McGarry, and I don't know what it is yet, but don't try to make my whole world crash down around me because you want to use me for your own personal gain." Leo took this without blinking, gazing into Lionel's dark eyes.

"Is that honestly what you think I'm trying to do?" he asked simply. Lionel didn't break his gaze as he answered.

"Yes." Leo nodded, an understated gesture. He looked down for a second, then back up at Lionel.

"Maybe I am, I guess you could call it that. I do want something from you, Lionel." Lionel snorted, muttering to himself. "I want you to come work for Jed Bartlet." The other man's eyebrows shot up his forehead.

"Are you serious? Is this some sort of twisted joke?" He stomped around his desk, coming close to Leo. "Why would I leave all this to go work for some New England moderate whore who-" He broke off, and Leo smiled civilly.

"Jed's a friend of mine, you know," he reminded Lionel calmly.

"Yeah." That was it.

"We're gonna try to do good with this, Lionel," Leo began again. "We're gonna get some things

done. Jed has a sense of duty, and he's going to make the country better, for everyone."

"Oh, well, that's sweet of him," Lionel sniped nastily. Leo gave him a look that was eerily reminiscent of a firm teacher, and Lionel scowled.

"I'm going to ask you again, Lionel, do you like what you're doing now?"

"For God's...no." Lionel sighed. "I feel like the whore here."

"It's sucking your soul...and you have such a
beautiful soul." Leo said with tenderness that surprised both of them. "I have never met a man so passionate in his need to do good as you, Lionel. You can do it from a position of power, in the White House. This-" Leo waved his hand around the room. "This isn't you."

"How can you presume to think you know so much about me?" Lionel snarled. Leo chuckled, leaning against the desk casually.

"It's evident in your voice, in your eyes...you want to save the world. You've always wanted to save the world. This is just a little detour for you."

"Damn it..." Lionel's moods were mercurial, and he was quickly sliding into desperation. "I don't know how I got here. This isn't right, but is anything else..." he trailed off again. Leo put a hand on his shoulder, waiting for him to look up.

"You got here because you are a brilliant lawyer. And you have...a duty, if you will, to use that power for doing what you've always tried to do." Leo smiled his slow, sly grin, but his eyes were clear and honest. "Save the world." Lionel was breathing heavily, the men were centimeters apart. Leo's hand rested on Lionel's shoulder, and it tightened suddenly.

"Leo...I'm scared." he whispered. 'But of what?' was the unanswered question in his mind. Leo nodded, swallowing hard.

"It's okay." he murmured, raising his other hand to rest on Lionel's hip. "I am, too."

(End Part 1)

"What are you doing?" Lionel asked, his breath a little short. Leo simply pulled him closer, and he felt the heat radiating off his body. Lionel raised his arms, which felt like lead, and wrapped them around Leo's waist. The two men stared into each others eyes, a thousand thoughts reeling through their minds. Compelled by a sudden need to feel Leo's body against him, Lionel pulled Leo tightly against him, breathing heavily. Lionel then buried his head in Leo's hair. "I want to do my duty, I *do* want to save the world. But it scares me..." he confessed in a hoarse whisper. Leo nodded against his neck, and pulled his head away slightly so that he could meet Lionel's eyes.

"Lionel..." he said softly, running a finger gently up his jawbone, past his ear, back into his hair.

Twisting his fingers, he grasped Lionel's hair, and manuevered his head down to the same level as his. Slowly, Leo moved his lips over Lionel's, and lowered them to the other man's pliant mouth. They clutched at each other tightly as Leo controlled the kiss, diving deep into Lionel's mouth with an exploring tounge. He felt Lionel stiffen against his crotch, and the hands on his waist started to twist wildly as their mouths remained together. Leo pulled away, gasping for air, and Lionel took a deep, shuddering breath.

"Oh, my God." Lionel mumbled, moaning as Leo ran his hands over his soft skin.

"You can just call me Leo," the other man said with a fiendish grin. Lionel didn't laugh, they were too close together for anything to be humorous, out of the ordinary, even frightening. All his emotions were out of the picture, his only thoughts were of the places were Leo's body touched his, those warm, soft lips, his hot mouth.

"Leo..." he said again, rolling the word over the same lips that Leo had just manipulated. "What the hell is going on here?"

"Do you really want to ask?" Leo whispered. Lionel shook his head with sudden fervor, and leaned down to give Leo his own kiss, unreserved and frantic. Leo grabbed Lionel's head, pressing him closer, as Lionel devoured his mouth.

The two men moved on instinct as they brought themselves closer together. Leo, especially, seemed to require rough physical contact at all times, Lionel's breath on his hair, his own hands on Lionel's neck. The movements were frantic, and therefore awkward as they tried to undress each other.

"Slow down," Leo panted as Lionel fumbled with the tie around his neck. "Lion, you're choking me-" Lionel threw the dark cloth to the ground.

"We can't slow down." Lionel said hoarsely. If he had been thinking at all, he would have would have been confused by his own words. In the little world within Leo's arms, though, there was no cognition, no awareness of anything but physical sensation. The statement made complete sense there, as the atmosphere was thick with the impression of a stolen moment. They both, for some unspoken, unrealized reason, were making every second count.

When they both were bare chested, Leo almost froze. He opened his mouth to speak, his eyes were sad and pleading. The little universe was breaking, some conscious thought had returned. Lionel wanted to take the look off his face, wanted to save Leo from his obvious re-entry of the real world. He put his mouth to where Leo's shoulder met his neck, and touched it gently with his tongue, causing a shiver to run down the other man's body. Lionel sucked at the spot, putting all the hot passion he was feeling into his lips and tongue, feeling Leo harden against his thigh. Leo moaned softly, gloriously painfully, and Lionel pulled away, looking directly into Leo's eyes.

"Stay with me. Please don't take this away from me yet." he pleaded softly, and Leo ran his hand down Lionel's chest softly. Taking a deep breath, he lowered himself to his knees.

With sweating, trembling fingers, he unbuttoned Lionel's dark slacks, and shoved them down. He wasn't looking for foreplay, and neither was Lionel. The thought of what they were doing as "sex" hadn't occurred to either of them, anyway. Leo ran a hand up Lionel's thigh, noting that it was smoother than he'd thought a man's would be. 'Not that I thought about it,' he thought, confused. Lionel whimpered softly, and Leo's thought patterns stopped again. He looked at the bulge in Lionel's tight boxer-briefs with no hesitation, not even realizing that he had no idea what to do next. Quickly, he peeled the clinging gray cotton off, and Lionel let out his breath in a whoosh as he felt the cold air on his body.

"All right...okay..." Leo mumbled, putting his hands on Lionel's hips. Without a single moment's pause, he put his mouth around the tip of Lionel's erection.

"Leo..." Lionel said in a choking voice as he felt warm lips close over the tip of his penis. Leo moved his tongue up its length, then his hot mouth closed over it all. Leo's hands were moving in a slow, deliberate manner on Lionel's buttocks as he sucked at him. Lionel's eyes were squeezed shut, he closed out his office, his job, his politics, anything that had taken away from the pure ecstasy of simply being alive. That all was there, only there, with Leo. His breath became ragged and frantic as Leo moved his lips, and hands with increasing intensity, when they both realized that the other had no control. Lionel felt his body prepare, and he tried to choke out a warning to Leo, but it didn't matter, none of it mattered...

Lionel Tribby climaxed with a triumphant, ecstatic shout. "Fuck it all!" he screamed as he screamed. "Leo..." he gasped, pulling the other man up, pressing their bodies tightly against each other. He kissed Leo roughly, blindly, tasting his own ejaculate on the other man's lips and reveling in the general insanity of that sensation.

To Leo, Lionel's violent enlightenment meant nothing but a sweating body back against his own stiff, aching penis. He pulled out of the kiss, and Lionel nodded, pulling off Leo's pants hungrily. He seemed about to reciprocate Leo's previous oral illumination, but Leo shook his head vehemently, that wasn't what he wanted.

"Leo- what?" Lionel said with an almost hysterical laugh. "Hurry." Again, the words made no sense, but both men understood the mood.

"I want to..." The thought was disturbing, and Leo forced himself *not* to think about it, just to go with it. "Lion...lie down." His eyes ablaze with both passion and terror, Lionel wildly pushed the things cluttering his desktop to the carpet, and climbed on top of it, stroking the smooth mahogany. Leo started to walk over to him, and almost tripped over the black boxers still around his ankles. With a puff of breath that could almost be a chuckle, he kicked them away. He stood behind Lionel, moved quickly between his legs.

"Leo...I have some...hand lotion in the desk..." Lionel called, his voice a little weak, but still with a new, unidentifiable quality. Leo yanked open the desk drawer violently.

Trembling with both anxiety and anticipation, Lionel examined the wood grain of his desk with more clarity than ever before. He heard Leo rummaging around in the desk, and waited patiently. For the first time since Leo touched him, Lionel reflected on his current life. It was safe, he still wasn't leaving his and Leo's world. But he realized, with a quirky half-smile...

"It's all crap." he informed his blotter, which seemed disinterested. Suddenly, he let out a strangled cry. "Leo!"

"Yeah," Leo murmured, withdrawing his finger from Lionel. He stared at the slick digit, and then continued to spread the lotion over Lionel's opening. He slipped another finger into him, then two. Lionel squirmed uncontrollably. "Lion, I'm gonna do it now." Leo said softly, and he climbed on to Lionel's sweaty, glistening back.

Leo entered him quickly, and Lionel hadn't been prepared for the pain. He hissed softly, but the hiss turned to a sigh as Leo slipped farther into him, and began to thrust deeply. His hips were jolted against the desk with each thrust, but any pain from that was dulled by the feel of Leo's breath against his neck, lightly feathering the tips of his hair.

Leo curled his fingers around Lionel's shoulder as he thrust into him again and again, each time trying to bury himself further into the tightness. Either millions of thoughts raced through his head, or his mind was empty, Leo couldn't tell the difference. All he knew was Lionel was there, with him, and no one else. All the weight of the world didn't matter then, all the stupidity, the cruelty, all the hopes and dreams of those eager kids that made up his staff, it was all gone except for Lionel and the heat, the delicious heat.

He had a raging erection again, and every time Leo thrust, Lionel's penis was rubbed against the desk. When he realized he was on the verge of another orgasm, he smiled with delirious content, and arched his back as Leo drove into him. With a small shout, he came between his legs, then lay back down to give Leo fullest access.

'Keep it away from me, keep this shit away from me...' Leo shouted in his head in time to their movement. 'Here I am, nowhere but here!' The tension was running off of Leo's body in the form of sweat, his sweat mixed with Lionel's on the desk. 'Forever mixed with Lion.' This thought randomly flew through Leo's head, and was gone as he sucked in a deep breath and shot himself into Lionel, his body shuddering with terrible intensity as the last of his semen trickled out. "Lion..." he groaned, his tongue tracing Lionel's back. He pulled out, and rolled off the other man, who propped himself up on his side. They held each other, still, two bodies slick with sweat, not wanting to separate.

Euphoric, Lionel whispered into Leo's ear. "I suddenly have more of an urge to serve my country." Leo clung to him, unable to smile, or speak. He barely moved his head in acknowledgement.

"Do we have a lot to say to each other?" Lionel wondered as they dressed. Leo raised his eyebrows at him, questioningly.

"Lion, I can't imagine ever talking to anyone else now..." he said with a wry grin. "But you know as well as I do that this ends right here, right now."

"I realized what complete bullshit my life is, Leo. I had an epiphany. It's not everyday you have an epiphany. I feel...invigorated, I'm ready for Washington-"

"Don't cheapen this, Lionel," Leo commanded, cutting him off. "Don't make it more than it was, and don't make it less. I know what happened with you, and you probably understand what went on in my mind."

"You don't like to let people know what's going on in there, do you, Leo?"

"Hell, I'm an open book," Leo exclaimed with a sly grin. "If you can't read the pages...I can live with it."

"Leo..." Lionel took his hands, pulled him close. He pressed his lips against Leo's, which were just barely parted. They kissed softly, and Leo clung to him with barely contained desperation.

"I need to go do my duty," he mumbled against Lionel's shoulder. "Lion, we need to go."

"Come on, then, Leo." Lionel smiled, prompting a wan version of Leo's brilliant grin.

"We need to go save the world."

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