Title: Another Swing
Author: Mela
Archive: This list and my website (whenever I get one!)
Rating: A for Angst, otherwise G for general
Pairing: Leo McGarry/John Hoynes
Disclaimer: Aaron Sorkin owns them, I just borrow them and write about them...
Spoilers: "The Portland Trip"
Author's Note: Thanks to Tana for her plot bunnies... They were very soft and well behaved...

Another Swing by Mela

"Margaret can be a real pain in the ass," I say, as I take off my jacket and hang it up in the closet.

"She cares about you, Leo," John says.

He’s sitting in a chair with his feet up on an ottoman, squinting at some papers. I look at him.

"Where are your glasses?" I ask him.

He looked up and shrugs. "I don’t know."

"Don’t you have a spare?"



"I can’t find them either."

I shake my head. I reach into my jacket pocket and get out my glasses.



"You know you keep losing those because you don’t want to wear them."

John chuckles. "You’re in a bad mood tonight... Maybe I should find something to cheer you up..."

"The divorce papers came today."

He looks at me. "Leo..."

"It’s okay..."


"John... It’s okay..."

"Do you want to talk?"

"Not especially."

"Do you want to have sex?"

I smile. "You really know how to change a subject..."

"Well, I figured you didn’t want to talk, so..."

"Maybe later."

"Want me to shut up?"

"Not really."

I sit down on the bed.

He gets up and put the papers down on the ottoman. He comes and sits beside me.

He puts an arm around me, and just sits with me. Not saying anything, just softly stroking my shoulder.

"Thanks, babe," I finally say, after we sit in silence for awhile.

"Now what did I tell you about calling me that?" he chuckles.

"Okay, piglet..."

"PIGLET? Oh, you really never want to sleep with ME again..."

"I was really tempted to take a drink when I got those papers."

He nods.

"You think things are going to last forever and... And it doesn’t...What a mess I’ve made of things, John..."

He strokes my shoulder harder. He looks away...

Oh God.

"John... I’m not saying... I don’t regret us, John..."

"I know..."

"No, let me finish... I spent so much time away from Mallory when she was younger, and I put my career ahead of my marriage so many times..."

"Leo... I understand. I know what you’re trying to do... Jenny couldn’t understand that, but I do..."

"I’m just saying, John, that even if I can’t be there, it isn’t because I don’t want to be..."

"I know."

He smiles at me.


"Just remember that the next time I have to go to a summit meeting."

We both laugh.

His hand strokes my shoulder once more.

"You sure you don’t want to have sex?" John asks.

"You’re dying for it, aren’t you?" I laugh.

"Hell, yes..."

I lean in and kiss him. Hotly, stroking his hair. I feel his hand caress my cheek.

I want to tell him how much he means to me... I want to tell him so many things...

Right now, I just can’t.

You’d think that after the shooting that I would realize how precious each moment is, and I do...

It’s just that right now, I’d rather show him than tell him...


(the end)

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