Title: Anniversary
Author: Baked Goldfish
Rated: PG
Category: Leo/Josh, angst
Disclaimer: Not mine. No money being made. Please don't sue.
Archive: Sure
Summary: "Happy anniversary," he whispered.

Anniversary by Baked Goldfish


Above him, the ceiling flashed with lightning.

The bed was warm, and the sheets were bunched around him like so much mud. Outside, the rain pounded down like bullets, and he lay awake, a thin layer of sweat covering his body, as he stared up at the shadow-blackened ceiling.

The hazy, dull lights of the city cast an eerie, nightmarish glow on everything in his room, and he turned his head to watch the clock on the nightstand; the red numbers stared back at him, steady and cold, until they blinked to the next minute. He could hear his breath, and the constant, unnerving hum of the heater, and he was thrown back thirty-five years to the day. It was warm, like his bed, and dark, like his room, and he could still feel the scar down the small of his back where the ejection seat had broken off and ripped into him in midair. It had been raining that night, and he was afraid that the sheer force of the downpour would tear apart his parachute to the point that he would die in the fall.

The mud had caught him, that heavy, red sucking mud, and he'd lain there in the dark and rain, watching the lightning move in above him and hearing the thunder rumble low around him, and he sank further and further into the soft, giving earth as the rain pelted down onto his helmet. The rain was coming down so hard and so fast that the splatters melted into one sound, just one constant, unrelenting, subtle hum on and around him. He couldn't move, and he didn't know why.

He didn't know how long he'd lain there before a hand reached out to him.


Leo turned his head, and took a deep breath. "Hey."

Josh moved his hand from Leo's shoulder to his wrist. Sleepy and squinting, he asked, "Why're you still up?"

"Don't worry about it," he said, rolling towards him and kissing his forehead. "Did I wake you?"

"The rain," he said, glancing outside.

"I'm sorry," Leo said, kissing him again and pulling him into his arms.

Josh smiled into Leo's neck. "Not like you can control the weather, right?" He got no response, and pushed his hands around Leo's waist. "Hey, guess what."


"We've been together two years now," Josh mumbled, lightly kissing his collarbone.

Leo chuckled, and said, "Well, happy anniversary, I guess. What do people do for the two year anniversary?"

"You gotta take me out for steak," Josh said. "But no vegetables."

"Okay," Leo said softly. "I'm sorry I woke you."

"You didn't. Go to sleep."

"Yeah," Leo mumbled, eyes already drifting shut as he wrapped his arms around Josh.

When he was sure Leo was asleep, Josh idly ran his hand down the scar on Leo's back; he knew where it had come from, but he'd never heard it from Leo. He wondered when Leo would be able to tell him about it, and wondered how much longer it would be before he could stop lying awake, on just this one night, pretending to be asleep while waiting for just the right moment to bring Leo out of himself.

"Happy anniversary," he whispered, listening as the rain came down outside.


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