TITLE - A Night To Remember
AUTHOR – Claire
PAIRING - Sam/Josh
SPOILERS - 'In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen'
SUMMARY - It's been a year.
ARCHIVE - To the list archive; yes. All others please ask first.
NOTES - This is my first West Wing fic so I would really love feedback to see if y'all liked it.
DISCLAIMER - I don't own Josh or Sam, or the West Wing, I am just borrowing them so don't sue I have nothing.

A Night to Remeber by Claire

Josh Lyman walked into his apartment to find a rumpled Sam Seaborn sleeping on his couch, he sighed tohimself and walked over and tried to wake his sleeping friend.

"Sam?" Josh said as he poked Sam; no response.

"Samuel?" Josh poked again; still no response.

"Samuel Norman Seaborn?" Sam moaned out of his sleep. "Sammy? Come on wake up." Josh said softly.

"J-Josh?" Blue eyes blinked sleepily at him.

"Hey Sam, why are you asleep on my couch? What happened?" Josh asked.

"I don't want to be alone tonight, and I knew you would be at the office a bit longer so I waited for you." Sam answered.

Josh knew there was more so he probed it out of Sam, "Sam, what happened? Why don't you want to be alone?"

"Josh, do you know what day it is?"

Josh frowned, his hazel-brown eyes clouded in concern, "It's Monday, well Tuesday actually. Why?"

"J-Josh I was r-r-remembering and I got upset, I need to be with you today. What's todays date Josh?" Josh's brow wrinkled in confusion, "Sam it's the 17th."

"Josh." Sam said in a low anguished whisper, he reached out for Josh's hand and looked him in the eye, "It's been a year."

As Sam said that Josh seemed to stiffen and felt nausous all of a sudden ||A year since Rosslyn, 12 months, 365 days|| Then with a start he remembered Sam's anguished call at the hospital bringing him back from death 'Josh, I'm here' ||Oh God, he's remembering all that||

With lightning speed Josh pulled Sam to him and Sam cried on his shoulder as he clutched Josh to him, and Josh tried hard; but to no avail, to hold his own tears at bay and they fell freely down his cheeks.

"Ssssh Sam, ssssh. I'm fine, I'm here and I'm not leaving you." Josh repeated as he cradled Sam in his arms and tenderly stroked his hair and ran his hand soothingly up and down Sam's back.

\\God I almost lost him\\ Sam thought, he loved Josh with everything in his heart but he came too close, TOO close to losing him.

||God it could of been Sam, I could of lost him|| Josh thought, he could not loose his best-friend the man he came to love with all of his heart.

Sam took a shaky breath and moved his head off of Josh's shoulder to look him in his eyes, he lifted his hand and traced Josh's cheek and Jawline with his fingers, he needed to prove to himself that Josh was here and came through Rosslyn, came through the physical trauma, came through the emotional turmoil and was back and was his Josh once more.

"I remember Rosslyn, Josh. I remember someone shout 'Gun' then as the bullets started instinct took over or something because I pulled CJ down behind the car just before a bullet broke the car window above our heads and when it stopped I lookued for everyone, I found Leo first surveying the damage." Sam smiled a little at the memory.

Jook took his hand in his and said, "That's Leo for you, always there to pick us up when we fall down." He squeezed Sam's hand and whispered, "It's okay Sam continue when your ready."

Sam took a deep breath and continued, squeezing Josh's hand for support, strength and to make sure he won't slip away when no-one's looking.

"Leo told me the President and Zoey we're safe and in the car, then Leo got in the car, I walked back to Cj she was in shocj I think but she asked me how the President was and then I looked around to see if I could find Toby and then, and then Oh God Toby was yelling something I couldn't hear him properly until he screamed 'I need help!' and I was simultenously relieved to see Toby and horrified by the sound of his voice, me and CJ got to the steps in time to see you fall into Toby's arms and you-you looked dead already lifeless and limp but the few times you regained consciousness between the steps and the ride to GW you were asking for me, shouting for me and then when you were at GW you were talking about a Senator, I'm guess you were talking about Hoynes. Then when they got you into a room you shouted 'I need to get to New Hampshiire' So I pushed my way next to you and held your hand and said 'You went to New Hampshire, we both did, you came and got me' and then they pushed us allout and the last thing I heard was the docter telling you that you had a collapsed lung and they we're putting in a tube to reinflate it then I think you passed out." Sam took a deep breath, Josh squeezing his hand a bit more and Sam squeezed back then continued, "That was the worst night of my life, I never knew 14 hours could be so long. I think I prayed for you to live for 14 hours straight, but all I could think of was the last thing I heard you say 'I need to get to New Hampshire' If yuo hadn't gone to see Bartlet, you would of never come to see me. Hoynes would be in office, you would be miserable. I would be miserable, I would be a partner at Gage Whitney and be making big bucks and making decisions that go against my conscious and I would of been married to Lisa and miserable as all hell. You saved me Josh, you saved us Leo, Bartlet, Toby, CJ, Donna, you are the one who gets us heated about issues, you make us laugh when we feel down. You light the fire under us Josh, we would be nothing without you, I would be nothing without you." Sam stopped looked at Josh who crying silent tears, Josh reached up and brushed away the tears that had escaped my own eyes.

"I don't remember much about that night, I remember walking out and when the shots started falling towards the fence and watching all of you fall down, and the Secret Service shoving the President in the car. Toby being trampled by the crowd and you, I saw you pull CJ down but I didn't know if any of you were shot. I can see Toby come for you, I will never forget the look on his face." Josh said and took a few deep breaths.

"What did he look like Josh?" Sam asked curiuos. "It was a look of pure panic, pure terror a look that said 'Oh God no not him' he looked so scared and like he was going to cry, I don't remember much after that. I've never told anybody this, not even Stanley. When it felt like it would be a perfect time to go; slip away, back to my father and sister I hear you." Sam's head whipped up to look Josh in the eye, "I hear you shout 'Josh, I'm here.' You brought me back Sam, I came back for you, to you and I'm here to stay. I'm never gonna leave you again, ever." Sam and Josh were crying a steady stream of tears just looking into eachothers eyes making sure the other was okay and here with them.

"Josh, I'm never gonna let you go again. I need you, my life is nothing without you, without you I would be Sam Seaborn Deputy Communications Director but that's it I wouldn't be Sam and Josh anymore, were not individuals Josh, were connected your the brains behind us, these past few years have been the best of my life, I've been with you, I work with amazing people. I know I haven't got that much of a political career like the rest of you but I look up to all of you and I'm proud and honored to work with you everyday, and theres something I have to tell you I just hope that you will still be my friend after I tell you."

Josh put his hand under Sam's chin and lifted his gaze to meet his and said, "Sam there is nothing you could tell me that would make me not be your friend that would make me hate you unless you told me you were becoming a republican." Sam smiled and gave a small chuckle, "There you go there's that smile I love, now tell me I'll be here I will always be here for you, as you said we've got a bond, a special connection. Now what's the matter?" Josh said.

Sam sat dazed for a minute ||Did he just say what I think he said?|| Sam's eyes widened a little bit ||Oh. My. God he just said 'there's that smile I love' oh my god maybe my loves not just onesided ok here goes|| Sam took a deep breath, "Josh I've known you for over 10 years and," Sam took a deep breath ||here goes nothing|| "And I've been attracted to you everyday of that time and I've been in love with you for the last 5 years." Sam stops takes a deep breath looks into Josh's eyes and speaks, "I love you so much Josh." Sam almost wanted to cry at Josh's shellshocked expression.

Josh sat there blinking for a few moments \\He loves me! He loves me! Better show how much I love him\\ Josh lifted his hands to cup Sam's face, he leaned in and took Sam's lips in a sweet loving kiss, when he pulled away he smiled at Sam's dazed look he stroked his thumbs over Sam's cheeks, "I love you Sam." Sam beamed and said, "I love you too Josh." Sam then leaned in to kiss Josh again. Josh nibbled on Sam's bottom lip and Sam moaned, he took that as a sign of encouragement and opened his mouth and ran his tongue over Sam's bottom lip.
Sam opened his mouth and moaned as Josh's tongue learned the texture of his mouth as they loved eachother for the rest of the night and for the foreseeable future Josh and Sam would never be alone again.


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