Title: A fic-let
Author: Mela
Pairing: Sam/Josh
Spoilers: None
Notes: The idea for this fic-let came from an actual woodpecker knocking on a tree outside my window at 10pm. And I was online with Tana, and I said, "This would be a good set-up for a Sam story..." <g>


A fic-let by Mela

J: You look terrible

S: I feel terrible.

J: You should get some sleep.

S: I would if there wasn't a woodpecker outside my window, pecking at ten,
eleven, twelve o'clock at night.

J: Are you sure it's a woodpecker? 'cause that doesn't sound like normal
woodpecker behavior.

S: And just what **is** normal woodpecker behavior?

J: (After a long pause) I don't know.

S: I gotta get some sleep.

J: You should get some sleep.

S: I just said that.

J: I know.

S: You know, that repeating everything I say is really getting on
my nerves.

J: It never bothered you before.

S: It bothered me.

J: Well, you never said anything.

S: I was being polite.

J: By lying to me?

S: I wasn't lying.

J: You weren't being honest.

S: Wait a minute, how did this get to be about me?

J: When isn't this about you?

S: Oh please... If I have to hear another thing about "What am I going to do
because Donna likes me...?"

J: I don't go on about me and Donna...

S: So, you're finally admitting there is a you and Donna...

J: I never said that.

S: You just did.

J: I just said... Never mind.

S: The defense rests.

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