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A Little Conversation by Michelle K.
Pairing(s):Ainsley/Donna | Rating: YTEEN | Archived: 2003-05-07
Summary: Donna's been thinking.
Notes: This is my first attempt at an all dialogue fic. Just for the record.

A Little Incentive by Sheri
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: YTEEN | Archived: 2005-02-22
Summary: Josh screwed up and Donna’s on the warpath.

A Little Touch of Leo in the Night by elicesmithus
Pairing(s):Jed/Leo | Rating: MATURE | Archived: 2005-02-22
Summary: i think the title's pretty self explanatory, don't you?
Notes: spoilers: post-ep 365 days.

Land of the Living by Abigale
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: MATURE | Archived: 2003-07-03
Summary: Josh's musings on his relationship with Sam.

Landing by elicesmithus
Pairing(s):Jed/Leo | Rating: YTEEN | Archived: 2005-02-22
Summary: just before i saw the birnam wood, i read Priya's freefall story. this is an unofficial companion. Priya, this is for you. you have no idea the escapes you and the other writers have provided. p.s. complete and utter angst alert.
Notes: spoilers:the birnam wood, any other jed/leo episode.

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus by Julian Lee
Pairing(s):Josh/Leo | Rating: MATURE | Archived:
Summary: Because the '80s weren't going to be anything like the '70s.

Last Minute Maneuver by Michelle K.
Pairing(s):Donna/Zoey | Rating: YTEEN | Archived: 2003-10-19
Summary: She can't let her go.
Notes: Drabble.

Last Train for the Coast by Julian Lee
Pairing(s):Josh/Leo | Rating: YTEEN | Archived:
Summary: Them good ol' boys were drinking whiskey and rye, singing, 'This'll be the day that I die.'

Late Night Phone Calls by Beth
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: TEEN | Archived: 2003-03-03
Summary: The long, long awaited get together story.
Notes: As usual, I owe a debt to my betas, Nomi and Julian for being on call, both literally and figuratively, for well over seven months on this particular piece of the Wild Ride universe. I definitely owe both of you a drink should we ever meet up. This is dedicated to Gail for her birthday because she has waited patiently for over a year for me to get these two together, and there seemed no better time to offer it up than for her birthday (even if I am a day late.) Also, for Amber who has taken more than her fair share of crap over the last few days. Part of the Wild Ride series.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. by Michelle K.
Pairing(s):Donna/f, Amy/Donna, Donna/Joey, Donna/Mandy | Rating: MATURE | Archived: 2004-05-20
Summary: She doesn't know what she's doing.

Laugh, Not to Cry by Michelle K.
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: YTEEN | Archived: 2003-04-06
Summary: Josh pretends. But not all the time.
Notes: Strange, short, second person thing I wrote. I apologize.

Leo McGarry's Famous And Yet Deadly Secret Cure for Nerves by Xanthe
Pairing(s):Jed/Leo | Rating: ADULT | Archived: 2003-04-07
Summary: Leo has to deal with Jed's doubts as the day of the televised debate draws near.
Notes: This fic takes place immediately after the events of Debate Camp. The timeline on the show doesn't make it clear whether the events of Game On take place immediately after Debate Camp and I don't think it really matters one way or the other so in this fic they do I don't think it's all that important. This story is set in my June 17th universe which can be found at:

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow by Sue C
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: YTEEN | Archived: 2003-12-25
Summary: It's Christmas Eve and Sam's looking for snow.
Notes: This predates my Carpe Diem universe, so is stand alone from that series. Thanks to Nomi for her wise counsel on the many questions I had on the religious issues as they pertain to the Jewish faith. I hope I've written this in such a way that I've been observant of her guidance. As always, thanks to Kathi for her friendship and support.

Letters by Michelle K.
Pairing(s):Ainsley/Donna | Rating: YTEEN | Archived: 2005-02-22
Summary: Donna sends her letters.
Notes: Drabble.

Leucosia by Suki
Pairing(s):Abbey/Mandy, Lilli/Mandy | Rating: TEEN | Archived:
Summary: We're all victims of our own reconstructionist view of the world.
Notes: Femslash.

Liar by Abigale
Pairing(s):Sam/OMC | Rating: YTEEN | Archived:
Summary: Sam runs smack into his past during the first campaign.

Life is in the Details by Beth
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: YTEEN | Archived:
Summary: Things are discussed; decisions are made; and, the future is planned.
Notes: Series: Wild Ride. Massive thanks to Nomi who stuck with this story even when I almost dumped it. Equally massive thanks to Gail who did a really fast read of an early version to see if it was worth saving or not. Hope you like what I've done with it. In

Lifeline by Xanthe
Pairing(s):Jed/Leo | Rating: ADULT | Archived: 2003-09-05
Summary: When Leo starts behaving strangely, Jed is left to unravel a sad story that has been untold for 30 years.
Notes: This fic is set in my "June 17th" universe and events from that fic are referred to in this one, although it can easily be read as a standalone. Please note that it is slightly AU both from the real WW universe and the real world in terms of dates - US bombing raids in Vietnam had stopped in 1970 and Leo was in Vietnam a little earlier but those are the dates I started with in "June 17th" so I thought I'd continue with them.

Like a Stone by Michelle K.
Pairing(s):Amy/Donna | Rating: YTEEN | Archived: 2003-11-09
Summary: You are not the answer. (in-ep for 'The Constituency of One')
Notes: Ficlet.

Lilac Fuzziness by Red
Pairing(s):Sam/Toby | Rating: TEEN | Archived:

Limelight and Slow-dancing by Ellen Milholland
Pairing(s):Ainsley/CJ | Rating: YTEEN | Archived:
Summary: In retrospect, she will think that it is amazing what exactly she will do after a few too many drinks.
Notes: Femslash.

Lobbied by Xanthe
Pairing(s):Jed/Leo | Rating: YTEEN | Archived:
Summary: Ever wondered about that little space between the two doors separating Leo and Jed's offices? too ;-)
Notes: This is unbeta'd. I used UK spelling. This fic is nominally set in my "June 17th" universe but it isn't even remotely necessary to have read that in order to understand this .

Longing by Sunny
Pairing(s):Doug/Toby, Sam/Toby | Rating: ADULT | Archived:

Look at Me by Jen
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: TEEN | Archived: 2004-04-27
Summary: Sam inadvertently causes Josh some anguish
Notes: This story has some references to an earlier story I wrote, entitled, Who is Watching Sam, with Devon O'Reilly as a character. It can be found at The Real Thing site.

Looking after Em by Jackie Thomas
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: YTEEN | Archived:
Summary: The consequences of a tragedy in Sam's family

Love Means Never Having to Say You're Hungry by Suki
Pairing(s):CJ/OFC, CJ/Ellie, Ellie/OFC | Rating: ADULT | Archived:
Summary: Love means never having to say you're hungry.
Notes: Femslash. A sequel to Dancing.

Love of a Lifetime by Anne Marsh
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: MATURE | Archived: 2004-10-01
Summary: Time to get this show on the road...
Notes: Sequel to 'Mamma Mia!', Reuniverse

Lovers Again by Mela
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: MATURE | Archived:

Lovers Again by Mela
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: ADULT | Archived:
Summary: The train ride, from Josh's point of view...
Notes: The sequel to my story, "Lovers Again".

Lucky 13 by Candle Beck
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: YTEEN | Archived: 2003-12-25
Summary: So, this is the thirteenth West Wing story I've written. It's about omens and vibes and stuff, as befits the thirteenth of anything.

Lumpy Pillow by Baked Goldfish
Pairing(s):Jed/Leo | Rating: ADULT | Archived:

Lunatic Brit by Perpetual Motion
Pairing(s):Josh/Marbury | Rating: ADULT | Archived:

The Largest Colonial Building in the World by Sabine
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: MATURE | Archived:
Summary: In the summer of 1970, Uncle Roger, who wasn't Jewish, bought the first Chevy Suburban in Connecticut.
Notes: Because I only know one Josh now, this fits in with all the rest of 'em I've written, somewhere in first season, somewhere after "Out Here in the Fields" but before "Women." Not that it matters to anyone but me and Josh, and maybe Sam, if those boys can e