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Jealousy by Sunny
Pairing(s):Josh/Toby | Rating: TEEN | Archived: 2004-02-14
Summary: Toby smells good.
Notes: I began writing this with just the dialogue and added bits of description just as notes however, after a few pages I thought it would be fun and different to write this in screenplay format. It's not perfect but I like the style for this story.

Jed Bartlet Woke Up Gay by Michelle K.
Pairing(s):Jed/Leo | Rating: TEEN | Archived:
Summary: Title says it all, baby.

Jerry! Jerry! by Michelle K.
Pairing(s):Leo/Sam | Rating: TEEN | Archived:
Summary: Leo, Sam, Mallory, and Jerry Springer.
Notes: Parody

Joey Lucas by Cristin Anne
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: YTEEN | Archived:
Summary: Joey Lucas thought something

Josh 1/2 by Anne Marsh
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: TEEN | Archived: 2005-02-22
Summary: On a trip abroad, a cursed spring complicates Josh's life.
Notes: Pre-slash. WIP. Acts I.V.

Josh follows Sam by Jackie Thomas
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: TEEN | Archived:
Summary: Josh hits head. Hits his head on something hard.

Joy to the World - Or Not? by Mellyjane40
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: MATURE | Archived: 2005-02-22
Summary: AU - Post Bartlet Administration.
Notes: This story comes soon after Handling Sam1 and Thoughts of a Secret Service Agent.

June 17th by Xanthe
Pairing(s):Jed/Leo | Rating: ADULT | Archived: 2003-01-04
Summary: Two powerful men, one anniversary...and the ups and downs of a love affair spanning 40 years.
Notes: 'm really absurdly proud of this story. I started becoming fascinated by the Jed/Leo relationship while writing The Friday Night Club and then this story idea popped into my head and it was one of those I just *had* to write. It was a fantastic writing experience and I'm very fond of the story so I hope you enjoy it too!

Just A Temporary Thing by Abigale
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: TEEN | Archived:
Summary: He was so damn sick of now