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Early Mornigs by Hana
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: YTEEN | Archived:
Summary: Josh did some thinking in the morning.
Notes: This comes after "A Note", but before Josh read Sam's note. There should be another one after this. I hope..

Elevators by Perpetual Motion
Pairing(s):Josh/Toby | Rating: YTEEN | Archived:
Summary: "Josh, we are to damned old.

Emerald City Limits by CGB
Pairing(s):Cathy/f | Rating: ADULT | Archived:
Summary: She's standing in the rain, looking like she's misplaced something important and can't decide where to start searching for it.
Notes: Femslash. Crossover with JAG. Cathy/ Sarah Mackenzie

Empty Skies Above by Viccy
Pairing(s):Jed/Leo | Rating: YTEEN | Archived: 2003-09-29
Summary: Leo does his job.
Notes: This was written immediately after watching the final episode of the 4th season, '25'. Contains heavy spoilers for that episode and several before that. Consider yourselves warned. Lots of angst here. As if that wasn't clear already... Betaed by Wolfsbride.

Ends on a Thursday by Anne Marsh
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: TEEN | Archived: 2004-10-01
Summary: Josh's Thursday *starts* out the way he expected...
Notes: Earlier this week, one of my dad's favourite movies was on TV, and it rather inspired this fic (won't tell you which movie-- you'll figure it out when you read the story). Josh POV.

Ensorcelled by The Artful Dodger
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: TEEN | Archived:
Summary: Josh is ensorcelled by Amy Gardener and Sam is remembering a time long ago.
Notes: A prequel to "You Can Never Go Back".

Ensorcelled by Jackie Thomas
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: TEEN | Archived: 2003-06-01
Summary: Post-ep for H CON 172.

Etcetera Whatever by Michelle K.
Pairing(s):Amy/Donna, Donna/Josh | Rating: ADULT | Archived: 2004-01-12
Summary: Like thorns you hold these secrets to your breast.

Evening Stress Relief by Nomi
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: MATURE | Archived:
Summary: Sam relaxes; Josh watches.

Every Little Thing You Say by Clarity/Karasu
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: MATURE | Archived: 2005-05-03
Summary: "Sorry, we can't talk. A few words could lead to 'things,' and we could end up having sex." A good-natured, fairly humorous romp to keep my writing muses busy.
Notes: The plot bunny came about as my small group in English talked about Nine Parts of Desire, which we’ve been reading the past two weeks. [April 20, 2005]

Eyes Grow Feet by CGB
Pairing(s):Ainsley/CJ | Rating: ADULT | Archived:
Notes: Femslash