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Eyes Grow Feet by CGB
Pairing(s):Ainsley/CJ | Rating: ADULT | Archived:
Notes: Femslash

Limelight and Slow-dancing by Ellen Milholland
Pairing(s):Ainsley/CJ | Rating: YTEEN | Archived:
Summary: In retrospect, she will think that it is amazing what exactly she will do after a few too many drinks.
Notes: Femslash.

Reading the Signals by Ellen Milholland
Pairing(s):Ainsley/CJ | Rating: MATURE | Archived:
Summary: 'Just... misread this,' she says, and her lips are soft and pliant against CJ's.
Notes: Femslash. Sequel to 'Limelight and Slow-Dancing.'

Secret Handshakes by Suki
Pairing(s):Ainsley/CJ | Rating: TEEN | Archived:
Summary: CJ, I am blond, and young, and southern. I have a hard enough time being taken seriously without adding murky political leanings.
Notes: Femslash. Missing scenes for Ways and Means abound, and are told from Ainsley's point of view. There is a definite CJ/Ainsley storyline, but nothing explicit.

A Dressing Down by Suki
Pairing(s):Ainsley/CJ | Rating: MATURE | Archived:
Summary: I am a strong woman, dammit, and an attorney, and a member of the White House Counsel's Office. I can decide for myself what is, and is not, offensive.
Notes: Femslash. Missing scenes from Five Nights, and this is a companion piece to Secret Handshakes

Goldfish for Congress by Julian Lee
Pairing(s):Ainsley/CJ | Rating: CHILD | Archived: 2003-09-22
Summary: Sam's not the only member of the Bartlet team with personal political ambitions.
Notes: For Shoshanna & her effing brilliant goldfish challenge.

Please Come Home (After Christmas) by Michelle K.
Pairing(s):Ainsley/CJ | Rating: ADULT | Archived: 2005-02-22
Summary: CJ was like an open secret.