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Rewards by Bonnie Cee-Bee
Pairing(s):Abbey/CJ, Jed/Leo, Abbey/Jed | Rating: YTEEN | Archived: 2003-01-17
Summary: Abby and Jed talk about undue influence.

Three Evenings and a Tomorrow by Penumbra
Pairing(s):Abbey/CJ, Abbey/Jed, Jed/Leo | Rating: MATURE | Archived: 2004-02-14
Summary: My jealousy is so complicated I doubt it's jealousy at all; sometimes I think it's just the love I have for both of them, deep and devout.
Notes: Follows right after my previous story "On the Importance of Proper Accessories", but it's an independent entity. For once, not inspired by anything red the First Lady wears on the show.

The Red Room by Exfilia
Pairing(s):CJ/Danny, Abbey/CJ, Abbey/Jed | Rating: MATURE | Archived: 2004-03-05
Summary: The President wants his wife back.