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Longing by Sunny
Pairing(s):Doug/Toby, Sam/Toby | Rating: ADULT | Archived:

Someone on my Mind by Sunny
Pairing(s):Sam/Toby | Rating: ADULT | Archived:
Summary: Sam muses on his feelings for Toby.

Coming Home by Sunny
Pairing(s):Sam/Toby | Rating: ADULT | Archived: 2003-01-17
Summary: Sam has a family emergency; Toby tries to help and life changes.
Notes: I'm not a doctor but I have had some medical training. However, the medical information you will read here is based solely on my experiences and may or may not resemble the truth.

Santa Claus is coming tonight? by Sunny
Pairing(s):Josh/Toby | Rating: ADULT | Archived: 2003-01-17
Summary: Josh and Toby has a not so secret, secret. CJ falls for Danny. Margaret wows them all in more ways than one. Oh yeah, and there's some smut in here too.
Notes: This is for Jenn, who loves Josh and writes Toby/Josh stories for me. And for Karen who said write something damn it and finish it! Well, she said it a lot nicer than that. Karen, I guess it worked, here's a story all wrapped in bows. Santa Baby lyrics by J. Javits and P. Springer as originally sung by Ertha Kitt

More Than Friends by Sunny
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam, Sam/Toby, Josh/Toby | Rating: TEEN | Archived: 2003-03-30
Summary: "I'm just saying, that I wouldn't mind being taken advantage of."

The Holy Ghost by Sunny
Pairing(s):Jed/Toby | Rating: TEEN | Archived: 2003-03-30
Notes: I discovered the legend of the sand dollar, on a postcard I got at the beach in Oregon. I don't know the original source or the truth to it but it makes good trivia.

Becoming a Man's Man by Sunny
Pairing(s):Toby/Will | Rating: ADULT | Archived: 2003-04-11
Summary: Toby teaches Will how to be a man's man
Notes: So I am supposed to be writing chapter 8 of I Don't Think We're in Washington Anymore, but my slashy-Toby muse has been yelling in my ear. `Damn it Sunny,' he yells. `Will's been around for months and I haven't gotten any from him yet. Do something!' How can I resist him when he's yelling like that? So, here it is.

Jealousy by Sunny
Pairing(s):Josh/Toby | Rating: TEEN | Archived: 2004-02-14
Summary: Toby smells good.
Notes: I began writing this with just the dialogue and added bits of description just as notes however, after a few pages I thought it would be fun and different to write this in screenplay format. It's not perfect but I like the style for this story.