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I'll Be Home by Clarity/Karasu
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: CHILD | Archived: 2005-02-22
Summary: A little holida fic to get into the spirit of things.
Notes: I just wanted to be able to say I actually had a holiday-centric fic this year. I love holiday fics and thought the characters from West Wing deserved a chance. A little more fluffy than I tend to like writing, but I feel a little mushy right now anyway.

Whisper'd in the Sound of Silence by Clarity/Karasu
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: ADULT | Archived: 2005-02-22
Summary: Josh and Sam deal with the events of "Let Bartlet be Bartlet." While almost entirely a seduction and sex story, it is intricately woven with the plot.

Nobody Sits by Clarity/Karasu
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: YTEEN | Archived: 2005-02-22
Summary: The scene where Bartlet takes on Jenna Jacobs is one of my favorite serious scenes of the show. The entire episode is fantastic. So this is a little tribute to the episode, a missing scene of sorts.
Notes: Episode-based during season two’s “Midterms.” Slight hurt/comfort. Pre-slash.

I Forgot to Tell You by Clarity/Karasu
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: YTEEN | Archived: 2005-02-22
Summary: From a phrase challenge on the WWOMB site. No real spoilers, although this would be set late season four as Sam is leaving.

Every Little Thing You Say by Clarity/Karasu
Pairing(s):Josh/Sam | Rating: MATURE | Archived: 2005-05-03
Summary: "Sorry, we can't talk. A few words could lead to 'things,' and we could end up having sex." A good-natured, fairly humorous romp to keep my writing muses busy.
Notes: The plot bunny came about as my small group in English talked about Nine Parts of Desire, which we’ve been reading the past two weeks. [April 20, 2005]